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We've been Innovating supply chain management for over 60 years.

About Us

Over 6 Decades of Greatness

End-to-end supply chain infrastructure management and logistics is the backbone of what we do here at Great Southern Corporation, and with 60 years of experience there’s not a problem we can’t solve for your business. 

Wave goodbye to the days of having to source your own product packaging, buying or even building your own warehouse, and organizing shipping. Great Southern Corporation already has fully-built, modern warehouse space and inventory fulfillment system in place to package, inventory, and organize your products so you can get them where they need to be ASAP. 

Leverage the extensive knowledge of our industry leading supply chain experts to reduce your headaches and employee costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our Partners

Some of Great Southern's partners include:


  • Finally Clean – Environmentally friendly, all natural, True green cleaner.
  • AMG – Innovation, Quality and Value.
  • ORGANIX OUTDOORS – Natural outdoor solutions.
  • SIRCO RUBBER BANDS – A complete banding and packaging solutions supplier.
  • VAUGHT SPORTS – The greenest sporting goods company on planet Earth specializing in skill building products.
  • FLAVOR SMOKE – Natural flavor enhancing products for your grilling pleasure.


Great Southern has been the world’s most complete and innovative Supply Chain Resource Company for over 60 years.